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Terri Theriault

Laura - I love your honesty in this blog! I too just want to encourage you - the sacrifices you make will be many (as you're already learning over the past year!). Some will be tangible, and some will not, but nothing compares to the joy of being to primary witness to your children's accomplishments and the greatest influence to the molding and shaping of their character. Like every mom, there will be days of tears and feelings of frustration and failure - but don't let them weigh you down. His mercies are new every morning! And as you seek each day to be the Godly mom He has called you to be, He will equip you for every good work! And you'll never regret the decision you're making right now!

Laura Voisine

Terri! Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Praise God that He has given me a deep rooted confidence in His provision and care for our family during this time. I trust that this season will be worthwhile in every sense, despite the momentary challenges. That being said, I must practice acknowledging this truth every day or else I become completely overwhelmed.I am keenly aware of my need to be in His presence at all times. Thank you again for taking the time to encourage me! xo

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